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Amaeth Amdani


Work Experience in the Agriculture Industry

A resource to help agricultural students learn about the skills they need to identify whilst looking for and participating in a period of industry-relevant work experience.

The resource will support learners who are preparing for employment within the agricultural sector and should;

  • Identify employment opportunities in the agricultural sector
  • explain the process of applying for a job
  • explain the good interpersonal skills needed to work in the industry.

Section 1 - contains a series of video clips preparing for employment within the agricultural sector.

Section 2 - contains a presentation that describes the process of applying for a job, it includes finding vacancies, creating a CV and how to write an application letter.

Section 3 - contains a video clip by an employer explaining the good interpersonal skills that are necessary and expected within a workplace.

This resource has been created or commissioned by the Welsh Government and is available on the HWB platform.

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Post-16 and Vocational, AS/A Level
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