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Introduction to Open Access Publishing


This workshop includes a discussion about competing definitions of open access and the types of licences applied to open access publications. It considers the benefits and impacts of open access over traditional publishing methods, particularly in a Welsh language context and uses specific examples to demonstrate impacts in different sectors and for different stakeholders. Finally the workshop will consider the growing shift towards open access and what that might mean for the future of publishing in Wales and beyond.

Participants will gain an understanding of how open access publishing works, how copyright affects accessibility and how different open licences limit or permit reuse. They will develop a better understanding of why open access publishing can be more beneficial than traditional commercial models, in certain cases, and how open access promotes equality and increases engagement with the Welsh language.

This resource is presented by Jason Evans, National Wikimedian at the National Library of Wales. He has championed Open Access within the institution and more widely in the culture sector. Evans works with Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, to share the Library’s digital collections openly and to encourage engagement and participation in open crowdsourcing projects. Working closely with the Welsh Government he has led a number of projects to develop Welsh language open access content and data. 

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