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Science Conference 2022 (Welsh Medium)


To coincide with the Coleg Cymraeg's ten year celebrations, the Coleg’s annual Science Conference is also celebrating it’s tenth anniversary. The conference aims to showcase leading scientific research by Welsh language scientists. Providing scientists with the opportunity to discuss the sciences in Welsh has been at the heart of the Coleg since its inception and the conference is going from strength to strength. 

Join us at MedRus Conference Center, Aberystwyth University, on Wednesday 15 June 2022 to hear the various presentations.

  • Nia Jones, Bangor University - Modeling microblastic dispersal around the north Wales coast
  • Iwan Palmer, Cardiff University - Microplastics Detection and Isolation: From the laboratory to the classroom
  • Abigail Lowe, National Botanic Garden and Bangor University - Pollinator gardening: Using DNA from pollen to find out which plants pollinators visit
  • Ben Walkling, Swansea University - Are Welsh Coal Tips a New Risk?
  • Owain Beynon, Cardiff University - Measuring Anharmonic Effects in Catalysts Generating Renewable Fuels
  • Fergus Elliott, Bangor University - Wireless Sensing in Industrial Environments
  • Manon Owen, University of Leeds - Exploring Metformin Mechanisms on Fetal Growth and Long-Term Fetal Cardiometabolic Health
  • Mari Davies, Cardiff University - Developing an innovative treatment for lysosomal storage diseases

The Conference will be held in Welsh.

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