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Am Blant podcast


A podcast that deals with and discusses topics that affect children and young people in Wales today as well as finding out the opinions of children and young people.  A podcast that deals with and discusses topics that affect children and young people in Wales today as well as finding out the views of children and young people.

Podcast #1: What is Childhood?

In this first podcast Dr Nia Young, Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn, Rowena Hughes Jones and Ceryl Davies discuss what childhood means, what it means to be a child in Wales today and whether society listens to the child's voice . 

Podcast #2: What is youth?

In this episode Dr Nia Young, Dr Sian Wyn Siencyn, Owain Gethin Davies, and Ceryl Davies discuss what is youth?  What is it like to be a young person in Wales today? 

Podcast #3 What does a child need...?

What does a child need in order to grow, develop and thrive?  In this podcast Ian Keith Jones (Head of Ysgol San Siôr, Llandudno) joins Dr Nia Young, Dr Siwan Roberts, Dr Margiad William and Rowena Hughes Jones from the School of Education Sciences, Bangor University to discuss what a child needs to develop and flourish. How important are role models, consistency and stability? What is being a good parent? 

Podcast #4: Children's Rights

In this podcast, Rowena Hughes Jones, Dr Ceryl Davies, Gwenan Prysor, Arwyn Roberts and the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Professor Sally Holland, join Rhian Tomos to discuss the rights of children and young people.  Do children know what rights they have? Is it necessary to add to the rights in light of Covid 19? 

Podcast #5: Voice of Parents

Have society's attitudes changed towards children and young people with learning needs or physical disabilities and how has the period of Sorrow affected them? Are we listening enough to the parents and carers?  To find out more listen to Elin Llwyd Morgan, Joel's mother (Joel has autism), Siôn Meredith, Huw's father (who has Down Syndrome), Dr Nia Young (lecturer at Bangor University), Bethan Morris Jones, (Principal of Ysgol Pendalar, Caernarfon) and Lora Glynwen Williams, Quality Officer, Gwynedd and Anglesey A&E Service. 

Podcast #6: What is play?

What is play? When do we stop playing? What is the purpose of play?  Listen to the 6th podcast in the AM BLANT podcast series to hear the discussion from the panel members and young people's comments about their experiences of playing. 

Podcast #7: How do music, art and drama contribute to a child's development? 

A podcast recorded live on the Tregaron Eisteddfod field with Dr Gwenllian Lansdown Davies, Cerys Edwards, Elen ap Robert, Dr Mair Edwards and Dr Nia Young.

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