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Charlotte Greenway ac Alison Rees Edwards, 'Agweddau Athrawon tuag at ADCG: Adolygiad ac Argymhellion ar gyfer y Dyfodol' (2021)


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) rates in classrooms have increased in recent years. Literature has acknowledged the significance of teachers’ attitudes towards ADHD when making referral and intervention decisions (Anderson et al., 2012) and how teachers’ attitudes affect pupil behaviours and outcomes (Rush and Harrison 2008). Teachers need to provide support for these children, yet they often feel ambivalent towards ADHD due to a lack of sufficient knowledge (Alkahtani 2013), conflicting information surrounding the disorder (Dryer, Kiernan a Tyson 2013), different cultural expectations (Moon 2012) and educational systems (Timimi and Radcliffe 2005). This paper provides a review of the literature regarding teacher attitudes towards ADHD, explores limitations in the current literature and the concerns surrounding the measurement of teachers’ attitudes towards ADHD. The paper ends with recommendations for the future.

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