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Physical Education teachers’ perceptions of high-quality Physical Education in Welsh-medium schools across south Wales


In a report in 2013, the Welsh Government suggested that raising the status of Physical Education (PE) to become a core subject, similar to Welsh and Mathematics, is an essential element in tackling the current obesity epidemic. However, PE lessons must be of a high quality in order to have a positive effect on pupils. PE teachers play a crucial role in delivering high-quality PE lessons; therefore, gaining an understanding of their perceptions about high-quality PE is essential. Interviews were held with ten PE teachers (seven males and three females) from Welsh-medium schools across south Wales. Similarities between the theory and teachers’ perceptions were evident, for example the importance of creating a positive learning environment. However, there were differences between the theory and practice, including lack of clarity about the term physical literacy. One implication of the study is the need to consult with PE teachers to design policies for high-quality PE. In the future, action research should be undertaken to promote the term physical literacy.

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