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Good Practice in Developing Educational Provision and Teaching in a Minoritised Language in Universities: Examples from Wales and Ireland


The purpose of this booklet is to share good practice in developing educational provision and teaching in a minoritised language in universities. The good practice covered in this booklet come from focus groups held with lecturers and students looking at their experiences of Welsh and Irish medium education at universities in Wales and Ireland.

This booklet discusses:

  • good practice in encouraging students to study in a minoritised language
  • developing provision in a minoritised language; teaching in a minoritised language
  • supporting students in a minoritised language
  • assessments in a minoritised language
  • normalising the use of a minoritised language among students.

We anticipate that this booklet will be useful not only for lecturers and providers of higher education in these countries, but also for lecturers, higher education providers and providers in other education sectors in other parts of the world who are developing educational provision and teaching in a minoritised language.

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