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An analysis of the use of code-switching by student teachers in a bilingual Secondary School class: A case from Wales


The literature contains many studies on code-switching. The socio-cultural method of studying networking in the classroom as described by Mercer (2000) is based on a detailed analysis of the discourse of language classes. Mercer noted a number of linguistic techniques used by teachers.

This article analyses the views of trainee-teachers on code-switching as a practice in the classroom. In the study, the class practice of two trainee teachers, bilingual in Welsh and English, was examined. The two were observed and their teaching recorded. Interviews were also held with the trainee teachers to ask them about their attitudes to the use of the first language in a secondary-school class where English is a second language.

The collected data is analysed using Critical Discourse analysis methods. Specific consideration is given to what extent the trainee teachers succeeded in teaching in a way that was within the attainment of the bilingual pupils under their care. The occasions when the teachers switched from English to Welsh for a minute could be seen to correspond to the code-switching functions noted by Camilleri. The code-switching suggests a legitimate way of using common linguistic resources as a teaching support in the classroom.

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