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Further Education Tutor Support Package


These resources have been designed to support tutors to develop their bilingual teaching skills and increase their awareness of the Lifelong Learning Welsh Record (LLWR) and the LA26 data set. The data set is used to record Welsh and bilingual provision in the post-16 education sector in Wales. The aim of the resources is to give tutors confidence in the way activity completed in Welsh or bilingually is recorded on the LLWR, and to help tutors establish where their provision currently sits. They are also designed to give tutors practical advice on how to move their teaching up the bilingualism continuum.

This tutor support pack includes:

  • Handbook - a working document that can be used for reference, as well as to establish specific personal targets for increasing the Welsh/bilingual provision.
  • Online e-learning course - Understanding the Welsh Lifelong Learning Record (LLWR). This interactive online learning module provides an overview of the Welsh Lifelong Learning Record (LLWR) and how it is used by the Welsh Government to record Welsh and bilingual provision in the post-16 education sector in Wales.
  • Sgiliaith bilingual glossary app - 'Sgiliaith Feedback App' - this app contains a wide range of learner feedback and general phrases you can use in your role as a tutor in order to provide learners with a Welsh/bilingual experience. 

Links to the resources are available below and are also available on the Sgiliaith website  

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