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Language Awareness – Social Work MOOC


An interactive resource that aims to create a context in which social work students can empathise with service users and feel and understand why Welsh-medium services are an important consideration.

The module is based on 5 units which focus on:  

  • understanding language need;
  • going under the skin of the bilingual experience;
  • considering the context of the Welsh language – its current condition, its history and the impact on service users;
  • exploring the relationship between language and power, the implications of the More than just words strategy and active offer, and
  • getting ready to practise and work in accordance with More than just words.

Ideally, students should work their way through the materials from unit 1 to 5 as discussion and learning builds incrementally from one to the other. However, the units are also self-contained to a large extent and units, or parts of a unit, may be lifted and used in conjunction with other modules or learning materials.

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Collection Level
Higher Education, Post-16 and Vocational, AS/A Level
Collection belongs to
Social Work
Coleg Cymraeg Resource Course/unit
man lun CAEA gwaith cymdeithasol

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