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Gwlad yr Asyn a’r golwg deublyg: diffinio’r ddrama ôl-drefedigaethol Gymreig (Gwlad yr Asyn and double vision: defining the postcolonial Welsh play)


This article discusses questions that arose during the writing of Gwlad yr Asyn (Donkeyland), a stage play that takes the form of a monologue. The play was written as a Welsh, anti-imperialist response to Shakespeare’s canonical text, The Tempest. The article considers how the tradition of Shakespearian counter-discourse playwriting from a Welsh perspective is generally lacking in Wales, before focusing on the question of what should characterize a Welsh postcolonial play. It is argued that it should convey a ‘double vision’, a perspective which acknowledges that Wales inhabits a legacy of both colonized and colonizer.

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